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Membership Annual Meeting Report

It was exciting to have a great representation of members at the meeting last week.

I. A new slate of Board of Directors was unanimously voted in last night.

II. Fifteen  new members have joined NAMI Brazos Valley in the last month, six of whom joined at the membership meeting. We now have the largest member base in the history of NAMI Brazos Valley.

III. Newly amended NAMI-Brazos Valley Bylaws were presented to the membership.  A few changes that may be of interest to you:

  1. At each Board of Director meeting, 5-10 minutes will be available at the beginning of the meeting for any NAMI-Brazos Valley member to bring a need, concern or desire to the Board without asking to be placed on the agenda. The Board may not address  or give an answer to the item at that meeting. But will provide information at a later time, about their decision to seek more information or address the item as a Board agenda item.
  2. NAMI policy for membership only recognizes individuals. Family memberships are no longer available. As before two options remain for annual membership with equal rights and privileges: (free support groups, education series and limited use of NAMI-Brazos Valley resources within the office environment, & NAMI-Brazos Valley library privileges)
  3. Open Door $ 3
  4. Regular $ 35
  5. The size of the Board of Directors has been increased from 7 to 11-15 members. NAMI-Brazos is growing quickly while needing more leaders, more diversity of experience and skills are needed in the leadership.
  6. The Board of Directors must always contain a simple majority (one more than half) of peers and family members. This is to keep the needs of the persons we serve always in the forefront of our policies and offerings.
See other recent blog posts for more details.

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